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A Letter to Andrew

I recently had an excellent question from a customer in regards to cable directionality. Andrew started off his email with his requirements for som...

TV or Projector?

One of the most common queries I see in regards to Home Theatre. ‘Should I buy a TV or should I buy a Projector’? This article touches on the ‘pros and cons’ of both and helps you make an informed decision.

More on Surround Sound

In our first article, we touched on the basics of Home Theatre. This article is here to help expand your knowledge on Surround Sound.

The Absolute Basics of Home Theatre

Although the name is pretty simple, the execution is far from it. Home Theatre (or Home Cinema as some like to call it) has exploded in the last 10 years and so has the ‘mumbo jumbo’ that has come with it. This article touches on the absolute basics of Home Theatre.